Raw to refined: 
Functional design. Efficient yet personal. Design, Photography, & illustration for brands, movements, and people.


Grant Hasbrouck

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota Duluth in Fall 2013 and then moved to Minneapolis. After interning and then working for Graph-X Underground in New Hope for 2 years, I now work as the primary designer and creative lead at Generation Atomic as well as a photographer for Generation Atomic and Environmental Progress events around the The United States. A self-labeled environmentalist, I've been passionate about nature and man's impact on it from a young age, so getting to do what I love best for companies that are striving to save the planet from climate change and air pollution is a double win for me.

I balance my day job with my creative passions, like photography, Illustration and cooking, with some of my photography accepted into juried exhibitions, as well as less creative passions like running, yoga, urban exploration, and Magic the Gathering. 

I know no one wants the same tired logo as their competitors, so the main focus in my creative approach for design is personalization; I like to meet with and assess my client's goals, values, style, and needs to envision the best possible end product together before I begin sketching. I tend to shy away from using pre-made typefaces and textures in logos, web, and merchandise design in favor of my own fresh illustrations starting from notebook sketches and digital paintings, and refining into pixel-perfect vector illustrations.





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