Merch is an integral part of any brand. It's advertising, it's conversation starters, and it's a way to build a following and grow your tribe.

People love representing the things that they love.

March For Environmental Hope

The non-profit Environmental Progress approached me needing a logo to represent The March for Environmental Hope, which aimed to save the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California from shutting down at the cost of hundreds of jobs and the burning of much fossil fuels to reach the projected needs of Californians in the wake of the plant's shutdown.

Atomic Action launch T-shirt

One of Generation Atomic's biggest projects was the development and rollout of a mobile app that helped facilitate advocacy conversations about clean energy and power plants affect other aspects of the community. Each member of the team got a personalized raglan-baseball-style t shirt with the Atomic Action logo, their first name/nickname, and Generation Atomic logo on the back.

Valley Pastries SKOl SWAG

Purple and gold are not usually part of the VP brand, but during football season everyone needs to show a little pride.

Generation Atomic Fundraiser Swag

Finding ways to cleverly represent logos in one-color saves on printing costs and lets me work in half-tones and make use of negative space. It's one of my favorite kinds of projects because it gives me an extra challenge and I get to use a lot of techniques from my college screen printing days.