Event Photography

You can put a camera in the hands of anyone and get pictures for filling space in a blog or social media post, but real photography draws emotion out of the viewer. The composition, lighting, and end product editing have to be tailored to tell a story. To get the shot, you sometimes have to be aggressive, putting yourself in the thick of a party snapping your subjects from every angle, but often it takes tact, patience, and poise; composing and aligning shots in the minds eye before the camera even comes on. 

The March for Science 2017

Washington DC


United Nations Climate Change Conference COP23

Bonn, Germany

"DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP" Party to Save Davis-Besse

Port Clinton, OH

Atomic Action release party

Pittsburgh, PA

Millennial Nuclear CAUCUS 2018

Columbus, OH


Nuclear Climate Conference 2016

Chicago, IL

Women's March 2017

St. Paul, MN